International Service of Process

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Your Experts in Serving Legal Documents Worldwide

Civil Action Group has the expertise in all methods of service of process abroad to ensure successful results in virtually any location around the world.

Is Your Case Against a Foreign Defendant Causing You Stress?

Law firms that don’t work with an expert in international service of process are often plagued by:

Benefits of Partnering With CAG

Reap these benefits when you partner with CAG for your service of process needs.


Eliminate confusion when determining which foreign treaties apply and what the proper method of service is in the foreign country.


Enjoy increased confidence that your case is being handled properly and avoid stress related to your case with a trusted partner in international service of process.

Proven Processes

Strengthen your litigation efforts with refined international service of process methods so that you can get back to doing what you do best: winning cases.

Your Full International Service of Process Package

Our refined international service of process methods will ensure that your legal documents get served effectively and efficiently. We know what works and we use our decades of resources to effectuate service properly and as expeditiously as possible. Be sure to ask about our translation services which may also be a requirement for proper service.

Three Steps to Success

Follow these three steps and you will save time and effort on cumbersome tasks, and be able to center more time towards coordinating with clients and winning your cases.

Submit Contact Form

Fill out the contact form and our expert team will process your request or respond with any questions, a quote, or other desired information.

Receive Ongoing Updates and Follow-Up

Obtain customized case status information regarding your service request via phone call, email, or electronically via a secure portal.

Get Back to Practicing Law

Enjoy the increased level of freedom you’ll have by delegating these mundane tasks to us and get back to focusing on more pressing matters.

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